Thursday, July 22, 2010

Skin Itch????

For the last week or so I have been really itchy all over my body. There is no rash. No skin flaking or breaks. My skin looks completely normal. When i scratch, even very lightly my entire skin puffs up in the shape of my nail scratch and turns bright red and warm. It stays puffed and red and warm for 10 minutes or so then goes away.

Anyone have any ideas?

Skin Itch????
Could be an allergy. More specific...dermatographia. I suggest going to the doctor. They can tell you which one it is. I would see an allergist. I have dermatographia and when it acts up I take allegra 2x a day to get it in check. My recommendation, also, would be to switch your laundry detergents to fragrance free if you don't use it already. I use All Free %26amp; Clear for laundry and Bounce Free for dryer sheets because I have sensitive skin. You probably do too because you are getting hives.
Reply:In cold weather, your skin underneath gets dehydrated. Drink more fluids to stop it.

Try to use lotion often to rehydrate your skin.

you have an allergy to something. It could be to something in your detergent, your bath soap...who knows. My son is an allergy kid and we made our house toxin free for him and we all feel so much better! If you'd like more info about this email me! alcoserfamily@yahoo
Reply:what kind of soap are you using

go get benadril
Reply:have you tried a new soap? Or are you around any pets? You can be allergic to something and it will make you itch. Are you taking any new medications? I have many allergies and its no fun I hope ou find out you culprit. Sounds like Allergies.
Reply:Dermatographia is a condition in which lightly scratching your skin causes raised, red lines where you've scratched. It's not serious, but it can be uncomfortable. In dermatographia, the skin cells are overly sensitive to minor injury, such as scratching. Signs and symptoms of dermatographia include redness, itching and swelling similar to hives.

In most cases, dermatographia symptoms go away in a short time and don't require treatment. But, if signs and symptoms are severe or bothersome, your doctor may suggest taking antihistamines. Simple self-care measures also can help you manage this skin condition.

Signs and symptoms

Other than raised red lines, dermatographia often causes no other problems. In some people, however, scratching or rubbing the skin may cause uncomfortable irritation, including swelling, inflammation, hive-like welts and itching.

Simple things can trigger symptoms of dermatographia. For example, rubbing from your clothes or bedsheets may irritate your skin. Cold, heat, pressure, sunlight and emotion also can trigger dermatographia symptoms.

You may notice symptoms of dermatographia within a few minutes of your skin being rubbed or scratched. The symptoms may last 30 minutes to a couple of hours, but typically fade within 15 minutes after the irritation to your skin ends. Rarely, dermatographia develops slowly and lasts several hours to several days and causes burning and pain.


Dermatographia affects up to 5 percent of the population and is the most common form of hives. The exact cause of dermatographia isn't clear. It may be caused by an allergic response, yet no specific allergen has been identified.

Risk factors

Factors that may increase your risk of dermatographia include:

Other skin conditions. If you have other skin conditions, such as dry skin or dermatitis, you may be more susceptible to dermatographia. Any skin condition that causes a frequent urge to scratch may increase your risk.

Allergies. If you have a history of allergies, you may be more prone to developing dermatographia. The same immune system response that causes other allergies may also cause dermatographia.

Heredity. As with other allergies, dermatographia may run in families.

Dermatographia can occur at any age, but it tends to be more common in young adults in their 20s and 30's.

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