Friday, August 20, 2010

Itching after using a tanning bed?

i normally dont tan so i decided to try using a tanning bed. i went tanning the other day for about 8 minutes and now my skin is itching like crazy. i am slightly burned all over but what causes the itching and how can i help relieve it because im having trouble sleeping because of it.

Itching after using a tanning bed?
I think you are itching bc tanning dries out your skin. Also, when your skin is healing (bc u are burned) it gets tight and that makes it itch. Just put on some lotion and you should be fine (and soon, tan!) :)
Reply:if you but lotin on it might help when you get burnt it is usual for it to be ichy
Reply:It's probably from dehydrating your skin cells. If you don't tan normally 8 mins. is probably to long try 5mins and qork your way up. Also buy tanning lotion. It gives you a better tan and help your skin from drying out.
Reply:Dry Skin
Reply:if you are tanning, you should constantly moisterize your body. tanning often makes you dehadrated and that is why sometimes you can sweat alot in the bed. a burn from tanning beds sometimes itch on their own but make sure your skin is well moisterized and you are drinking lots of water:)
Reply:this same thing happened to me, I had to take sleeping pills to be able to sleep.

Using the process of elimination, I found out I was allergic to the cleaner they used on the beds. Ask them if they will wipe down the bed with water before you use it (but make sure the bed was still cleaned properly after the last person so it is sanitary) if they won't wipe it down with water, then just take a washcloth with plenty water on it and wipe it down yourself! This worked for me and hopefully it will help you too!

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